Weekend Getaway

Γεια σας! Welcome back to my blog!!

This week, I am going to share my experience about going to London for a weekend! Living in Greece definitely has its perks, like traveling to other countries! Not only are the flights cheaper, but the duration of the flight is much shorter.  Studying abroad has ignited the fire in me to pursue traveling more. Planning a weekend getaway with friends is part of the experience and I am very lucky to be able to see other countries. London has always been on my bucket list and now, I can tick it off.  In this blog, I will share with you my weekend getaway in London. For this trip, we explored the downtown and the shops that were around Bloomsbury. The first stop was The British Museum, this museum was known for holding some of the missing artifacts from the Parthenon. This museum was filled of many ancient artifacts and since staying in Greece, it was very interesting to see the missing pieces from the archeological sites that we have seen! The next day was filled of many sightseeing locations! Since we were there for only two days, we made sure that we saw all that we could see. Walking through downtown at night in London was very beautiful and just like the pictures that we have seen.  Studying abroad in Greece has taught me to appreciate the love of traveling and visiting new places. Being away from Greece was definitely a weird feeling. I have felt so comfortable and used to hearing Greek everywhere I go. One of the many things that studying abroad in Greece has taught me is that living in a  different country can be a terrifying but a rewarding experience.  Stay tuned for another blog about my trips in Greece and my spring break plans! Γεια σας for now.


Jocelyn Kingman