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This week, I wanted to share my first trip in Athens! Since this is my first time in Europe, I wanted to explore as many places as I can and learn more about the history of Greece. Destination 1: Acropolis! As one of the most historical and oldest sites in Greece, it was of course the perfect destination to learn more about the history of Athens. The trip started with a stop at the Acropolis Museum led by our fantastic tour guide! The Acropolis was built on one of the highest points of Athens. In order for the museum to be built, they needed to excavate the land. This resulted in the architects finding a portion of the ancient city that was here before and many ancient artifacts! A glimpse from 15 CE Athens:

A little backstory story about how Athens was named Athens:

So, it was a sunny mid day, and Poseidon  and Athena were both competing for the title of the city. Poseidon thought himself more worthy and so, he struck a rock, producing water for the citizens so they would never face a drought. Upon tasting the water, they soon realized that it was salty and to say the least, they were disappointed.  Athena then produced a seed in her hand and planted it in the ground. Soon an olive tree grew and so did the citizens fulfillment. The olive tree would produce, wood, food and oil. Athena was then proclaimed the goddess of the city, Athena.  One of the many statues that were located around the Acropolis was a model of this day. It is unknown where most these statues are located throughout the world and so, Greece is left with puzzle  pieces of these historical monuments.



Our day concluded with the most beautiful sunset on the hill of the Philopappos Monument. Philopappos was a prince from Commagne and Claudia Capitolina. He wanted to be buried overlooking the entire city of Athena. This view was breathtaking and a great way to an end my first trip in Greece. Here is the view from the top of the world:

That is all for now! Stay tuned for more of my adventures in Athens.

Υεια σου!

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